Modern Kids Round Table and Chairs (2)


$ 199.99
Don’t let the delicate modern design of this child’s chair fool you; it is built to commercial grade specifications. Chrome-plated, uniformed steel legs and molded plastic seat are strong enough to support repeated use from adults. Beautifully reflective chromed legs compliment our colorful satin matte finished plastic for a playfully modern look.
  •  Durable plastic and easy to clean.
  • Chairs are weighted at the base for additional stability.
  • Table top is a two ply molded construction for extra durability.
  • Super simple 10 minute assembly.
  • Dual assembly! Chair legs can be assembled with base-bar in the back to pitch seat slightly forward and help younger children reach the table better. OR assemble legs base-bar forward so older children have more lean back room.
  • Set includes 1 Round Table and 2 Chairs.
  • Optional add on:  extra pair of seating in the color of your choice available for an additional $99

Please note Green is out of stock until September 2018. All other colors are ready to ship!

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