Calico Kitten Crassula 2/4/6in - Live Colorful Succulent: 4 inch

Best Plant Friend

$ 10.65
Crassula Calico Kitten is an adorable succulent that grows long trailing branches of colorful heart-shaped leaves. The leaves have a lovely combination of rose, pink, cream and green shades. It is perfect for hanging baskets or to spill over rock walls or path edges. Calico Kitten is a tender soft succulent and will not tolerate frost. This crassula blooms flowers with shades of rose/mauve, pale yellow or green in late spring to early summer. Full Sun, Sun to Partial Shade, Light Shade. Porous and well-drained soil Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch, then let drain completely. You can propagate Crassula Calico Kitten by division, offsets or leaf cuttings.