Philodendron Birkin - Live Houseplant - Indoor Plants 4/6in: 4 inch

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$ 17.95
Our beautiful rooted Philodendron Birkin is available in 4/6 inch size. Philodendron Birkin, or Philodendron ‘White Wave’, is a new Philodendron variety. Birkin has large, deep green pointed leaves with creamy white pinstripe variegation. Each leaf has a unique pattern, making this one of the most attractive Philodendrons. This plant was cultivated from a rare spontaneous mutation in the Philodendron Rojo Congo. This mutation made some plant cells unable to synthesize chlorophyll, resulting in the captivating variegation colors in Birkin's leaves. New leaves are almost white, and the leaves gain more green color as they mature. As one of the most sought-after Philodendron types, this plant can brighten up any living space! Like all philodendrons, Birkin filters out airborne toxins and purifies your indoor air. Light/Soil/Water: + Bright, indirect sunlight. + Rich but well-draining soil. + Water once a week for whenever the first 2 inches of the soil is dry.