Protect our Seas 18x24 print + 20 reusable stickers

Zac and Zoe

$ 49.00

18x24 Print (not framed) + set of 20 reusable stickers

Teach your children to love the ocean and they will love you for it. Our new 'Protect Our Sea' interactive art will inspire them to save our world. Encourage your children to protect our seas by using their special abilities to imagine, dream, and create. Plus, a portion of the proceeds go towards ocean conservation.

The prints come complete with marine life stickers and the message "Protect Our Seas." Our artwork makes for a perfect addition to any child's room because not only is it educational, but it's beautiful. As more children learn about the magic of the ocean, they will become adults who strive to save our precious planet. The meaningful gift sparks the all-important conversation of conservation and kindness towards all creatures.