Senecio Blue Chalk Sticks - Senecio Succulent in 2in/4in Pot: 4 inch

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$ 10.65
Senecio Blue Chalksticks, also known as Senecio serpens or Senecio mandraliscae, is an attractive succulent with powdery blue-green fleshy leaves. The tips of these leaves turn purple in extreme heat and sun exposure. Blue Chalksticks is a slow-growing ground cover that branches from the base. It has very small white flowers in the summer. The plant grows up quickly with regular watering but it can also be drought tolerant. Suitable for container planting and hanging baskets. Sand with Well-Drained Soil Full Sun, Partial Sun Water deeply when soil is dry but let drain completely. Never let the plant sit in soggy soil for more than a day or two.